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Due to the decline in the economy there have been a larger number of colleges for sale than normal. Colleges, universities and schools have been finding it tough and been forced to close or be put up for sale.  This can be seen by searching for college for sale, university for sale and schools for sale on business for sale websites such as Business For Sale Trader.


The development of economic policies to help stimulate economic growth is paramount to the development of a strong economy and jobs growth. Both micro and macro economic policies need to be put in place that support business both large and small. Many people forget that a business needs to make a profit other wise it cannot and should not employ people. Jobs growth in countires like Australia are going strong due to astrong economy left there by the previous economy. Even now in Australia their are changes instigated by the labour party coming into affect that are starting to hamper jobs growth and business development. Information on jobs and the latest jobs can be found at Job Searcho – Jobs Australia ,  Sydney -  Jobs in Sydney, Brisbane – Jobs in Brisbane.

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Jobs growth in other countries is not doing so well , in the US their is a slow down in jobs growth and the Obama policies and targets are far from being reached.


Nova is engaged in one simple thing. Making a change.
We have no doubt that you have a lot of skills.
We know you are looking for a lot of interest.
And – we assume the fact that if you arrived here, it is important for you to contribute.
Nova would like to offer you a really interesting way to combine them all,
Just as important – to take part in the creation of tomorrow …

Nova (community service and academic management) is a non-profit organization which was established in 2003 to establish a connection between the social sector, business and academic. Nova’s ultimate goal is to improve the management capabilities tool third sector on the basis of the business world’s knowledge resources, and continuous improvement of capacity utilization of social organizations.
We have developed a simple model, especially effective: We set up teams of students based consulting business administration and economics from academic institutions all over the country, together with team leaders (volunteers and business consulting companies) and guide business (executives from the business sector in Israel), they provide business consulting services and strategic development of social enterprises .

We work five year academic institutions (Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Ben Gurion University College of Management in Rishon Lezion) actuators 24 consulting teams of students and professionals volunteers.

Nova Annual Conference will be held in 02/02/2009 at 18:30 from Tel Aviv University, Recanati Building, but Leon (104).